Dr. Kevin N. McKisson

I have enjoyed a lifetime of caring for animals; helping healthy animals maintain wellness and supporting ill or injured animals restore their health~

Dr. Kevin McKisson

I have been a veterinarian since 1992. After gaining my undergraduate degree from North Carolina State University I attended North  Carolina State University School of Veterinary Medicine. I first started out  in Salisbury, NC as a mixed animal practioner. After 7 years it was evident to  me that I needed to choose between being a large animal or small animal veterinarian in order to remain up-to-date on all the new information and  emerging technology for animals. I moved to Durham, NC and took a job as a small  animal practioner. While in Durham those 5 ½ years, I moonlighted at the animal  emergency hospital to gain more experience.

In 2000 my wife Sherry and I  spent some time here in Hendersonville and grew to love the area.